What is Nectar?

Nectar is a loyalty programme run by Nectar Loyalty Ltd. The programme is the largest in the United Kingdom, and comprises a number of partner companies including Sainsbury's, Argos and eBay.

How do I join Nectar?

You can join Nectar by signing up on or downloading the Nectar app. Once you’ve signed up, your card will be posted to you within 14 days or you can use the digital card on the app. Or pick up a registration pack in a Sainsbury’s store and you’ll get your Nectar card right away.

How do I link my Nectar card?

Link your card by going to and choosing the 'I have a card' option. Then put in the last 11 digits of your Nectar card number (everything after '98263000') and follow the onscreen steps.

Where can I check how many points I have?

Head to and log in or register using your Nectar card number to find out how many points you have. You can also use the Nectar app on Apple and Android devices to check your points balance. Bear in mind that Nectar points can take up to 30 days to show up on your account.

What do I collect Nectar points on at Sainsbury's?

You'll collect Nectar points on your grocery and fuel purchases at Sainsbury's stores and online. There are some things that you can't collect Nectar points on, such as tobacco and refunded transactions. You can find the full exclusions list at

Where can I find out more about Nectar?

You can check out the Nectar website at to find out more about the Nectar loyalty programme and Nectar's other partners.

How do I update my Nectar personal information?

You can update your personal information here or to change your contact information, just click on this link. For security, we'll send you a code before making the change just to check it's you.

Remember, we recognise you from your email address and mobile number, so double check they're not used on another Nectar account, otherwise you may receive an error.

Do Nectar points ever expire?

There is no automatic expiry date for Nectar points. But if you don't collect or spend any points for a year, we assume you no longer want to take part in the Nectar programme and will close your Nectar account.

What are bonus points?

Bonus points are a special offer to help you boost your points balance and get to the rewards you want faster. To see what's available for you right now, just login to 'My Nectar' or download the Nectar app.

I haven’t had my Nectar points and I signed up ages ago – who do I contact?

You should ensure that you have registered your Nectar card and that your Nectar account information is up to date. This can be done at Nectar FAQs can be found at

How do I link my Sainsbury's Energy and Nectar account?

If you didn't link your account on sign up, then you'll need to call 0800 088 4127* and give us your Nectar card number. we'll do the rest. If you entered your Nectar card number on sign up, then we'll link your account for you.

I forgot to provide my Nectar details at sign up. How do I claim my points?

If you did not provide your Nectar card details on sign up, then you'll need to call 0800 088 4127* and give us your Nectar card number. We'll do the rest.

How do I spend my Nectar points?

There are loads of ways to spend your points — meals out, some holiday reading, or money off your next purchase at your favourite shop. There's a great overview of ways to redeem on our website. Or download the Nectar app to stay up to date when you're out and about. Choose your reward and then swipe your card, spend online or use your voucher as instructed. Enjoy!

Is there a limit to the amount of shopping points I can earn by being on Sainsbury’s Energy Fix & Reward?

Single fuel customers can earn a maximum of 3,500 Nectar points per year, and dual fuel customers can earn a maximum of 7,000 Nectar points per year.

How many Nectar points will I earn?

You will earn 1 point per £1 spent in Sainsbury’s stores for each fuel on the Sainsbury’s Energy Fix & Reward tariff.

What's the Nectar points per £1 offer?

If you sign up to Sainsbury's Energy Fix & Reward as a dual fuel customer, you'll get triple points for every £1 spent in Sainsbury's stores and petrol pumps when you use your Nectar card. If you're a single fuel customer you'll get double points for every £1 spent.

That means if you're a dual fuel customer and spend £60 a week on your shopping at Sainsbury's, you could get 180 points - 60 when you swipe your Nectar card as normal and 120 for being a dual fuel Sainsbury's Energy Fix & Reward customer.

How do I collect my Nectar points?

If you have the Sainsbury's Energy Fix & Reward tariff and you gave us your Nectar card number when you applied, then all you need to do is swipe your Nectar card at Sainsbury's supermarkets and petrol stations.

Not given us your Nectar card number yet? Get in touch on 0800 088 4127*, we'll link your account for you so you can start collecting those extra points.

How will I get my extra Nectar points?

If you've linked your Nectar card details then your points will be added to your account automatically.

We'll add the points you earn each month (by being a Sainsbury's Energy customer) to your account by the 10th day of the following month. All you need to do is make sure your Nectar card is activated and you've given us your Nectar card details.

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