What’s changed between Sainsbury’s Energy and British Gas?

The partnership between Sainsbury’s and British Gas came to an end on 14th April 2019. But don’t worry, there’s nothing you need to do. Sainsbury’s Energy was just a trading name used under licence by British Gas Trading Limited. When energy was previously supplied to your home by 'Sainsbury’s Energy' your supplier was actually British Gas. So your account will have simply switched over from Sainsbury’s Energy to British Gas on 14th April. Sainsbury's have now teamed up with npower and Sainsbury's Energy will continue to trade under a new licence. To find out more click here. For any further questions about what’s changed please call 0333 202 9816†.

†Calls to 0330/0333 numbers will cost you no more than 01 or 02 numbers from landlines and mobiles. If you get 'inclusive minutes' with your package, calls to 0330/0333 numbers will be part of these.

Will I pay the same amount every month?

We give you fixed payments with our Fix & Reward tariff, meaning you'll pay the same amount every month. But it's worth bearing in mind that if you start using more energy, the amount you pay us will increase, even though the price per unit stays the same.

Can I cancel before the end of my fixed term?

Yes, you can cancel your fixed price energy plan before the 12-month term ends, but exit fees may apply at £30 per fuel.

Do you have fixed term contracts?

Yes, we offer a fixed rate tariffs.

Who is this tariff available to?

The Sainsbury's Energy Fix and Reward tariff is available to new customers directly via our website or call centre ONLY. This unfortunately excludes existing npower, npowerselect, Wigan Warriors Energy, Wasps Energy and Powershop customers. Our tariff is available to new customers signing up via www.sainsburysenergy.com or through our contact centre on 0800 088 4127*.

Is this tariff available via web brokers (e.g. uSwitch)?

No, our tariff isn't available via brokers or price comparison websites. It's only available directly via our website or contact centre.

Where can I find information about the tariff?

Information about our Fix & Reward tariff (including prices and terms & conditions) can be found on www.sainsburysenergy.com. Customers who have signed up for this tariff should also be able to access their Terms & Conditions and Tariff Information Label via www.sainsburysenergy.com.

Does Sainsbury's Energy supply gas?

Yes, you can join us as a dual fuel (gas and electricity), electricity only, or gas only customer (please note, single fuel gas is only available via our contact centre). Click here or call 0800 088 4127* for a quote.

How do you match my electricity consumption to ensure my electricity is 100% renewable?

We will match your annual consumption for the Fuel Disclosure Period (calculated between 1st April and 31st March) to purchase REGO certificates to offset electricity usage in the fuel disclosure period. Beyond this, there are currently no additional environmental benefits to this tariff.

Is the electricity flowing through my home from renewable sources?

The ‘normal’ energy supplied to a customer’s home comes from the National Grid and is made up of electricity and gas (if you have both) produced from a variety of sources. We'll match 100% of the electricity you use on this tariff with the purchase of Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs). Beyond this, there are currently no additional environmental benefits to this tariff.

Why aren’t you matching my gas units?

The renewable electricity market is fairly advanced, so a large amount of renewable energy certificates for electricity (REGOs) are available. This means we can match 100% of electricity consumption of our customers on the tariff. Renewable gas is a much newer concept, so the number of renewable energy certificates for gas (RGGOs) is limited.

What are REGOs?

REGOs are Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin Certificates – they essentially provide proof that electricity has been generated from a renewable source. OFGEM issue one REGO per megawatt hour (MwH) of electricity generated from eligible sources to renewable electricity generators.

What is your approach to sustainability?

Sainsbury’s Energy is a partnership between Sainsbury’s and npower. Both companies are committed to pushing sustainability through their business activities.

From the little things such as making our tariffs paperless, through to wider initiatives run by our fellow group companies, we continue to look for ways to balance sustainable practices with cost effective energy.

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